Officer as you now patrol the streets of Heaven, may you continue

your vigilant watch over us all as we carry on in the battles to come ...

We thank you for your service and for your sacrifice.

We thank you for the time you gave us,.

Rest In Peace Officer ... We Have The Watch From Here.


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Until We Meet Again

Each morning when we awake

we know that you are gone.

And no one knows the heartache

As we try to carry on.

Our hearts still ache with sadness

and many tears still flow

What it meant to lose you,

one will ever know.

Our thoughts are always with you,

your place no one can fill.

In life we loved you dearly,

In death we love you still.

There will always be a heartache,

and often a silent tear

But always a precious memory

Of the days when you were here.

If tears could make a staircase,

And heartaches make a lane,

We'd walk the path to heaven

And bring you home again.

We hold you close within our hearts

And there you will remain

To walk with us throughout our lives

Until we meet again.